Seasonal Refresh

Seasonal Refresh

Great design allows you to play with trend and create a fresh look with passing seasons with a simple swap out of a few key things. Whether you have chosen soft neutral tones for your furniture or bold and colourful tones- changing the way you accessorize and style the space can give you completely different looks throughout the year. Versatility in your home means greater longevity and that you will simply love it for longer. Once you have your larger scale items chosen for the space- your sectional, dining table or bed, you can then begin to layer in the textiles, décor, art and accessories.


Changing the textures of your pillows, throws and area rugs make a big impact on the tone of the room. In fall, chunky wools, broader weaves and luxe velvets lend coziness and warmth. Yet, in the summer, light cottons and linens create a cool breeziness. Layering in texture gives your space character, depth and personality. Introducing pattern along with texture allows an element of visual interest.


For the long winter months of our northern climate lighting is everything! From September to February, you can create ambiance with light source. While some prefer a combination of task and ambient lighting, you can play with lamp and floor lamp placement to optimize each living space. Draperies and window coverings impact the level and quality of light present in each room. Summer months bring long days of light which is amazing but can also be a challenge when sleep is involved. Choose window coverings that allow you to maximize light levels with a combination of blinds and drapes.


Colour also plays a very important role in our northern décor as we have many long white winter months. By adding pops of colour in our styling and accessorizing we can inject vibrancy and happiness to each space. Toss cushions are a perfect way to play with colour. You could even have a few different styles of area rugs. For summer living, woven and sisal options are popular choices. For winter, think of plush shags or heavy wools in deeper and darker tones.


Plants and fresh flowers brighten main living areas and add a little life and texture. Monochromatic spaces come to life with greenery no matter the time of year. Pampas grass is trending for botanical décor, as it adds a soft feathery texture. In the autumn, pumpkins, leaves and branches help to create visual interest. During the holidays introducing boughs of greens, amaryllis bulbs, Poinsettia and blooming Christmas cactuses to add life to traditional holiday décor.

Housing more than one look in your space throughout the year is for the decorating savvy! It’s something you can build on and collect as time goes by. A good starting point would be to have a warm weather look and a cold weather look, seasonal items can be sprinkled in the mix as you need to. What items do you like to change out and bring in throughout the year? Tell us in the comment box below or pop into the showroom to shop our ever-changing roster of décor.